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MUST READ: simple tips on how to fight ebola - water/salt

Just start to use salt as you soap from now on.
To my knowledge this tips was not proven  by any medical personale but nevertheless, while i was sleeping around 3:00 i receive a call from kaduna, and around 3:30 also someone in Abuja called telling me that i
should take my birth with water and salt, i asked why they said it helps to fight the Ebola virus. please dont get me wrong, i just wanna pass across a message i received which with God will help i believe. just keep in touch with us and we will keep you updated on this.
And please share this massege accross your love ones and even your enemies. thank you


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  2. Thanks alot cloudig......

  3. How true is this, and who confirmed it?

  4. Just pray this Ebola dont take over the nation, God help us

  5. They said this was a rumor ohhhh. but thanks for the love

  6. Thank God you said it was not medically proven... thanks

  7. I heard this tru the radio tooo.. but how true?

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