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#FundNaijaHealthMamaye 2018

MAMAYE 2018: The Awareness program to shaping the future of Nigeria's Health sector.

Nigeria is in great need of a voice to truly effect change in the health sector for over the years past, statistics has proven that the budget allocated to the health sector has not been utilized effectively. It was a moment to recap on, for the bold steps taking by MAMAYE to host a campaign as this, it will surely leave an un-erasable print in history.

The Health Awareness program which was held on Monday, 4th of June 2018, at Sheraton Hotel with a Theme: Budget Releases and Implications on Health Budget Performance. Which focus on the issues facing the health sector in Nigeria, how it's affecting the citizens and the sure route to curb them.
Sen. Lanre Tejuosho 
The Keynote speaker Senator Lanre Tejuosho noted that Nigeria has the highest number of children dying before the age of five from various kinds of illness, a great number of women die during child birth.

He also noted that Nigerians spend over $1 billion every year, travelling abroad in search of medical attention in which our hospitals can provide if standards are met but it is clear that despite the millions of Naira allocated every year to the health sector, over the years has not been utilized as stated and this calls for urgent attention because our health sector has been left in a state of dereliction.

Dr Laz Ude Eze shared his experience of a woman who was pregnant and due for delivery, the husband had to disguise himself as a good Samaritan just for the fear of the demand of cash deposit before she will be attended to.

This awareness program has spoken alot to the government so that the budgets for the Health sector will be released on time, utilized effectively and also work towards increasing annual budgetary of the health sector to meet the agreed 15%.

Government should ensure that the media is carried along in other to track implementations and also to create more awareness.

Together we can achieve the desired change, you and i, the government and the media no hand should be left behind.

MAMAYE's voice echoes from a distance so loud and stately saying, lets turn apathy into action, survival of maternal and newborn in our country should be taken a top priority.

See More Pictures Below.....

DCN. Mike Egboh unveiling the campaign logo

Members of Women Traders Association

Cross section of Panellists 

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