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Orange Peel's Health Benefits

The peels of many fruits are the most under-valued and
overlooked parts when it comes to health. There is a
wide range of beauty and health remedies by simply
keeping the peels of some of the fruits when you eat
them. So you do not need to throw away anything from
fruits when you eat them.
Orange peel in particular is known and used widely by
those who are into an organic lifestyle, perhaps
because the fruit is available almost everywhere in the
world today. We’re pretty sure that after you’re done
reading about these health benefits, you’ll be collecting
bits of the orange peel next time you dig into the fruit.

Improves Digestion

Fibrous fruit like oranges have a marvelous effect on
the digestive system. They help clean out your insides
and as well aid in regulating bowel movements. One of
the best orange peel health benefits is that it has over
200% more fiber than the flesh of the fruit! So if you
suffer from regular digestion problems, try an orange
peel tea for quick effects. First, leave the orange peel
out in the sun till it is dry. Soak a little, about a
teaspoon full, in 450 ml of hot water. Let it steep for
about 15 minutes, longer if you can take the strong
flavor. Drinking the resulting tea will prove to be a
pretty effective laxative.

Helps with that Cold

We’ve already seen that orange peel has more vitamin
C than the orange itself. Vitamin C is known to help
tremendously when battling a cold. Soak orange peel in
some boiling water. Let it sit for a bit. Drink this from
time to time during the day and your cold will
disappear sooner than usual.

An Effective Anti-inflammatory

Inflammation within the body is never a good thing.
The problem is that it occurs more often in the modern
world due to stress and unhealthy eating habits.
Inflammation inevitably raises your risk for other
health issues like lupus, cardiovascular disease and
arthritis. Orange peels are known to be rather effective
at lessening inflammation. Those suffering from very
severe inflammation often find relief by incorporating
orange peel in their diet on a regular basis.

Gives you Stronger Bones

Little-known fact – oranges contain calcium too and are
a decent source of the nutrient. However, orange peel
has more than twice the amount of calcium that
oranges do. 100 gm of orange peel packs more than 150
mg of calcium while 100 gm of orange flesh holds less
than 50 mg. As you probably already know, calcium is
crucial for the health and maintenance of your bones as
well as your teeth.

Helps with Bad Breath

Throw away those sugary mint pellets and extra-strong
gum. Chewing on orange peel can help alleviate bad
breath. Do it on a regular basis and you may even be
able to ditch your mouthwash in the morning.

Battles Heart Disease

There are as many active ingredients in orange peel as
there are in the actual fruit. One of them, hesperidin, is
a fantastic antioxidant which protects your heart by
lowering your blood pressure – the top cause of heart
disease. In addition, orange peel helps to lower your
cholesterol, thus adding another layer of protection
against cardiovascular problems.


Where there are antioxidants, there is the potential for
a cancer-fighting food. So orange peel is recommended
for those at high risk since the peel has a higher
concentration of antioxidants and flavonoids which
have been shown to reduce cancer risk as well as be
instrumental in the cure for the disease.

Improves Immune System

Vitamin C is a crucial nutrient for overall health.
Everyone knows that it is available in large quantities
in oranges, but it’s the orange peel that holds the
higher concentration. Regular intake of vitamin C has
been shown to reduce the occurrence of minor illnesses
and lead to better health, making the common cold,
fatigue, infections and headaches a thing of the past.
Vitamin A, another vital nutrient in orange peel, also
aids to boost your immune system in addition to
improving your vision.

How to Consume more Orange Peel

You can just break off a piece of orange peel and chew
on it. Be careful that you start with a small portion as
orange peels aren’t the yummiest things to put in your
mouth and you may be put off by the strong flavor.

Why not just eat it with the orange flesh?

That will help
to mask the flavour of the peel too.

Can’t stand the flavour even with the smallest bites?

Grate orange peel over your salad or your dessert. The
flavour is a real pick-me-up so it will do more than
make your food taste better. The fresh smell of the
orange peel will make you feel more alert too.

You can also julienne parts of the peel to your fruit
salads or use them in your recipes.

Soak orange peels in sugar syrup and store in the

Orange shavings and dark chocolate is a yummy flavour

You can sprinkle it on a chocolate square
or, better still, melt your chocolate first and lightly coat
juliennes of orange peel with it.
Sprinkle a little orange zest into your cakes for a tangy
surprise! Mind you, just put in a little bit because the
flavor is really strong and can overwhelm the cake
entirely if you end up adding too much.

Caution: Since most orange orchards are sprayed with
pesticides today, the orange peels can have high
concentration of the poison on them. But that’s not all.
To make oranges look more appealing, wax is rubbed
on them. So make sure you wash orange peels properly
before eating them. When buying dried orange peel,
ensure that it is sold by a trusted brand.

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