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SHOCKING VIDEO:Go And Die - Oshiomole Tells A Widow!


Where is the 'human face' in governance?

Woke up with strength and vigour this morning and was up to face today with all hopes and aspirations but was sad & almost started crying after watching this video.

I've been an advocate of leaders been strong at all time with will power to carry out leadership responsibilities. And that emotional leaders don't go far but certainly not this way.

In leadership and governance, there's a place for 'Human face' no matter the circumstances. Widows to the best of my knowledge are integral part of our society and if we don't apply human face when dealing with them, am afraid we are far from getting there as a people.

Two wrongs indeed can never make things right and as such, can't fathom why the Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams A. O. will treat this widow like this and even tell her to go and die when she's struggling to provide food for her family. I think it would've been far better to make her pay a fine for her wrong doing than this humiliation.

The agony of the poor in our society......

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