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Google most searched places 2013 statistics

One country's dusty backyard is
another country's dream vacation,
according to Google's 2013 year-in-
review list.
Published Tuesday, the Zeitgeist charts
reveal the hottest travel destinations by
The data is divided into two kinds of lists.
The first reflects the "trending"
destinations -- those that show the
greatest growth in searches when
compared to last year -- while the second
shows rankings of topics with the largest
total search volumes.
Google is the world's most popular
search engine, with 71% of the global
search engine market share.
The roundup yielded some surprising
results -- Macau was the most searched
destination in India this year, for example.
In Australia the top destination was
Disneyland , despite the fact that the
closest Magical Kingdom is an ocean
away in Hong Kong.
London topped the destination searches
in the United Arab Emirates, while those
in the UK were planning trips to Rome
and New York.
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Zeitgeist also analyzed the top destination
wedding and honeymoon searches
coming from the United States.
American couples wanted to head to the
warm waters of Mexico, Bahamas and
Kauai for their weddings, while New
Zealand topped their honeymoon
searches. Croatia rounded out the top 10
honeymoon list.
True value
"This info is gold if you want to really
know what the local hotspots are," says
Google spokesperson Joyce Hau.
"For instance, what island destination is
the most popular amongst Thais in
Thailand? Hint: it's not Koh Samui."
It's actually Koh Larn.
Despite having only a 3% market share in
China, Google's study also looked at
search queries there. Hangzhou and
Suzhou were declared of greatest interest
to travelers.
China will soon become the world's
largest domestic travel market and
account for 40% of all outbound Asian
travelers according to a new study by the
Boston Consulting Group.
Highlights for the most searched
destinations around the world are below.
You can see the full lists at Google
Most searched destinations
Australia (search volume)
1. Disneyland
2. Dubai
3. China
4. London
5. Malaysia
6. Koh Samui
7. Phuket
8. Cambodia
9. Antarctica
10. Mecca
India (search volume)
1. Macau
2. Maldives
3. Mauritius
4. Bali
5. Boston
6. Dubai
7. Amsterdam
8. Singapore
9. Bangkok
10. Philippines
New Zealand (search volume)
1. Australia
2. Fiji
3. Vanuatu
4. Sydney
5. Bali
6. Mexico
7. Brisbane
8. Vietnam
9. New Caledonia
10. London
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United Arab Emirates (search volume)
1. London
2. Singapore
3. Madrid
4. Barcelona
5. Thailand
6. Doha
7. Beirut
8. Sydney
9. Cannes
10. Paris
United Kingdom (trending)
1. Rome
2. New York
3. Amsterdam
4. Palma
5. Magaluf
6. Bangkok
7. Sydney
8. Bruges
9. Venice
10. Mauritius
China (search volume)
1. Hangzhou
2. Suzhou
3. Jiuzhaigou
4. Wuzhen
5. Beijing
6. Yunnan
7. Tibet
8. Hong Kong
9. Shanghai
10. Taiwan
U.S. searches for destination wedding
locations (trending)
1. Mexico
2. Bahamas
3. Kauai
4. Caribbean
5. Jamaica
6. Italy
7. Las Vegas
8. Florida
9. Costa Rica
10. Bermuda
U.S. searches for honeymoon locations
1. New Zealand
2. Cancún
3. Maldives
4. Bali
5. Thailand
6. Belize
7. St Lucia
8. Tahiti
9. Caribbean
10. Croatia
Top domestic travel destination searches,
by search volume
Japan (top Japanese destinations by
Japanese users)
1. Disneyland
2. Universal Studios Japan
3. Tokyo DisneySea
4. Sky Tree
5. Isejingu (Ise Shrine)
6. Tokyo Dome
7. Fujikyuu Highland
8. Huis Ten Bosch
9. Izumo Taisha
10. Ooedo Hot Springs
1. Genting Highlands
2. Langkawi
3. Gold Coast Morib
4. Pulau Perhentian
5. Penang
6. Pulau Tioman
7. Port Dickson
8. Melaka
9. Kuching
10. Pulau Redang
1. Sky Ranch Tagaytay
2. Movenpick Resort Cebu
3. Tubbataha Reef
4. Pico de Loro
5. Tugawe Cove Resort
6. Potipot Island
7. Amana Waterpark
8. Misibis Bay
9. Nuvali
10. Laiya resorts
1. Kenting
2. National Palace Museum
3. Wuling Farm
4. Yushan
5. Gongyuan
6. Lamay Island
7. Chateau in the Air, Miaoli
8. Jiufen
9. Huashan
10. Alishan
1. Koh Lahn
2. Asiatique
3. Siam Park
4. Koh Chang
5. Accommodation in Hua Hin
6. Samed Island
7. Dream World Theme Park
8. Pattaya
9. Korea
10. Chiang Rai

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