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Don’t take Nigerians for granted, Atiku tells FG

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has told the Federal Government not to take Nigerians for granted.

He said it would be wrong to take their resilience for granted  as the country marks 100 years of amalgamation of the Lagos colony with the Northern and Southern Protectorates by the British Colonial occupier forming one country, Nigerians needed to pat each other on the back for their ability to live together since.

He said in a statement in Abuja on Wednesday that Nigeria leaders should redouble their efforts towards building a stronger and more united Nigeria rather than concentrating energies on division or breakup.

He, therefore, appealed to those calling for the breakup of the country to responder their stand, adding that those making the call were dishonest in their  attitude.

He said,  ”The recent clamor by some of Nigeria’s leaders for a renegotiation of the continued being of Nigeria are dishonest and an unnecessary distraction from the future that we can build.

“Such leaders need to be concentrating their efforts on tackling the challenges ranging from lack of security to addressing poverty and unemployment through infrastructural investments.

“The victims of structural ineptitude are not distinguished on the basis of their ethnicity, tribe, religion or region. In is also a truism that both the perpetrators and their victims are Nigerians, and secession  will not fix these woes.”

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