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Must See: The only man that have a grown tooth in his nose........surprise?

The 22-year-old, who suffered nose bleed at least one a month over three years, had a tooth growing in his nose, a report reveals. Doctors found a white bony mass measuring half an inch (1cm) long tooth growing in
his nasal cavity.Upon seeking advice from dentists, it was confirmed the mass was in fact an extra tooth.It was this that was responsible for the bleeding, they added. The nosebleeds usually occurred after ‘minor nasal trauma’ - or rubbing of the nose - and the patient also frequently had tonsillitis.To solve the problem, doctors from the King Fahd Military Medical Complex, in Dhahran, put the man under general anaesthetic before pulling out the rogue tooth.Three months later, the patient’s nose had healed and his nosebleeds had ceased, according to the report published in the American Journal of Case Reports....hmmm na waah ooooh..some people will soon start growing tongue in their eye

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