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Must See:You wont believe that michael Jackson the second

The Brazilian Michael Jackson super fan utilised acid solution in order to lighten up the skin tone and also spent bout £2, 000 in some plastic treatments to appear like the main character. Antonio Gleidson Rodrigues, 32 yr old, the self-proclaimed primary Michael Jackson impersonator in Brazil, has experienced rhinoplasty to be able to copy Michael Jackson and also stays close to 4 hours every day practicing the boogie moves. Gleidson Jackson, as he likes to end up being acknowledged, had his first operation five years ago when he had his nasal septum corrected to allow him to reach higher notes when singing. He mentioned:'I wasn't able to reach notes like Michael before but after surgery I can now sing some notes in falsetto.'The former drama teacher also had surgery to close the gaps in his teeth and his eyebrows tattooed.Gliedson is now hoping to raise enough money by imitating Jackson to have even more surgery. He was encouraged to become a Michael Jackson impersonator when he was just 19 after his drama students suggested he looked like the pop star.

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