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ONE NAIJA: "African child" How i wish......

African child

The glory of mother Africa

Though your land was savaged
The strength of your sages savored 
Your skin is derided
But your content is esteemed
You are a precious seed
In a parched land
Rose in the mist of thorns
Though your petals are bruised
Your fragrance will diffuse
African child
You are moon among stars
An ocean among rivers
Beaming sun in the day
Lion in animal kingdom
Eagle of the birds
Your black epitomized beauty
Ebony among woods
You are a beacon of light
A source of inspiration
The glory of our globe 

Is this the African child the poem above is talking about?

Is this the Africa we have been dreaming of?

Is this the Nigeria we have been hoping for?

So Loud we have sang Nigeria's Anthem, in Unity and Peace we stood, all together we pledged to this land; lets proudly hold it as a child to a mother.
 All we say "so help me God"


  1. Africa we pray for peace, one Nigeria we will stay together.so help us God

  2. is all these Northerners that are making the country tear apart

  3. God is there for One Nigeria..... "so help us God"


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