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A Boy born with head upside down learns how to write with his mouth.

A boy that was born disabled stood grounds and over came the spirit of the lazy man..... Let it be a lesson, something to think of and act on, laziness is just  mindset, that imprisons the body to reaching greater heights,........... Read below.
He was born with an upside-down head, severely deformed limbs and his mother was told by doctors she should allow him to die.But Claudio Viera de Oliveira has defied the odds so much that he now has written a book about his life after reaching the age of 40.Mr Oliveria from Monte Santo in Brazil, was born with arthrogryposis, a rare condition that fuses his joints together, which left him with his head upside down and facing the wrong way.

But after learning he could use a pen in his mouth to type words and even his lips to use a mouse or a phone, he came up with ways of overcoming his difficulties.

He even went on to qualify as an accountant and gives inspirational speeches at special events. And now Mr Oliveria has publishes his first book, called 'El mundo esta a contramano' (The world is the wrong way around), which was launched at the Art Museum of the city of Sao Paulo, in the south-eastern Brazilian.

When Mr Oliveria was born, doctors told his mother, Maria Jose Vieira Martins, she should starve him to death as he was so ill.

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