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CamSoda to lunch a platform that will make virtual reality sex possible

For people in long distance relationships, the lack of intimacy can be a struggle.But a new virtual reality device may mean you no longer have to physically be with someone to experience having sex with them. In August, CamSoda will launch a virtual reality platform that allows users to physically interact with each other via connected and coordinating sex toys.

The adult entertainment webcam company will make virtual reality sex possible using ‘teledildonics’ - connected and coordinating sex toys that relay touch between users.

The devices have been designed by Kiiroo, who have created a ‘female’ and ‘male’ simulator.

When the woman interacts with the female toy, it feeds pressure data through to the male toy - or 'sleeve' - in real time, to simulate the feeling of sex. 

As with real sex, it involves both parties - the male sleeve tightens based on the pressure it feels on the female toy, and the female toy gets feedback from the sleeve regarding speed and intensity. 

Daron Lundeen, president of CamSoda, said: 'This replicates a real life experience creating pulsating vibrations on each end with each person.

‘We want to provide our users with a unique experience that constantly stimulates their imagination.’

While the platform could be used by couples, it could also be used by people wanting to experience virtual ‘sex’ with cam models on the CamSoda website. 

CamSoda has a range of chat rooms with a 'diverse team of models to entertain viewers at all times


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