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cLOUDig: See what doctors found inside an Australian after an x ray

A Facebook user from Perth, Australia share an xray that he did and they found out that he has some wires laid inside his belly and since the time of his birth he can't recall of any operations done to him, then you'll wonder what brought about those mysterious wires ? And he promised to post the full scan tomorrow. Stay connected ..
Read below what he wrote........

"I'm not sure what they are, but have had ongoing rib,chest pain for the past 14 year, Over these years every catscans, X-rays reports
from the specialist come back, but I'll I see is mangled ribs and holes been made in my origins .........It was only when looking at
this scan yesterday that I notices the tools to change the way you see the scan ie....with X-ray view you can't see any thing ......I
will post the whole scan tomorrow there are so many wires in my inside I just feel sick"

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