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Jiji.ng:Short And Long Hair Problems

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Choosing a haircut is a rather responsible step that can potentially influence not just our appearance, but also our mood and self-esteem. You can choose between trendy and classic hairstyles, but, perhaps, the most important choice is between short and long hair. Both long and short haircuts have their own advantages, but today you’ll learn about possible problems that come with each of these styles.
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Short hair problems
Short haircuts have been getting more and more popular recently, which is quite understandable - they are trendy, practical, easily maintained, and make anyone appear younger and more hip. However, there are some issues you need to be ready for if you drastically cut your hair, namely:
  • Lack of versatility - a short hairstyle like pixie or bob means you can only wear your hair in one style until it grows longer. Forget about ponytails, braids, and other styles you used to love - from the moment you get your haircut, you’ll need to accept the fact that experiments with hair are currently not for you.
  • Split ends, which is a problem every woman is familiar with. However, since short hair frames your face, split ends will be much more noticeable. It means that you’ll need to have your hair regularly trimmed, which can be very stressful for your budget and also time-consuming.
  • Heat damage, which is required to make most hairstyles look good. In order to make your pixie or bob look well-kept, you’ll need to use a heat iron or hairdryer nearly every day, which is obviously bad for your hair. And since your hair is short, you won’t be able to chop it all off to let it get healthier.

Long hair problems
Long hair has been always considered a classic hairstyle for a reason: it’s feminine, it’s charming, and it’s much more versatile than short hair. However, once your hair reaches a certain length, you need to be prepared for these common long hair problems:
  • Showers, which take much longer because you need to wash your mane. Shampooing your hair twice and then conditioning it can take a while, but when it comes to drying your hair, it becomes even more of a problem, since it needs to be dried completely before you go to bed, unless you want to wake up with a head full of messy, tangled hair.
  • Styling - it takes a lot of effort to make long hair look presentable. Traditional hairstyles for long hair, like ponytails and braids, can get boring after a while. If you want to wear your hair loose, you may have to straighten it to make it appear smooth and shiny. And even if you want to flaunt your natural curls, they still need thorough styling, which means that you need to do a lot of work every time you want to leave the house.


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