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There is a man in every woman

Ladies we are, yes  ladies and yet men on our inside. Am not asking you to put on the physical  attributes of a man, am saying be strong. Am a lady, am so proud to be one; because in every woman lies potential generations in every generation lies potential leaders. Having the mindset of a man is the main key.
Majority ladies today are driven by what we wear, physical appearances and mostly obsessed with being in a relationship. If you watch the life of a real man, what drives him most is who he is, what he does and how much he makes. Relationship is not his number one priority, his number one priority is making a name for himself and making every necessary arrangements to see that his future family is balanced and won't lack anything. That is why you can't please a man that's relying on you for survival in a relationship, he always wants to provide, yes that's who men are naturally. They're natural providers, they like to provide the comfort for their "woman" to enjoy.

Relating it to a lady now, what drives you should be purpose, discovery, vision. The word of God says - Write your vision and make it plain, so that anyone who sees it can run with it.  If every woman would have her dependence of surviving in this world beyond being in a relationship and looking towards purpose for her life, there will be very very limited number of unnecessary heartbreaks. Go into a relationship, its good but much more than that discover your purpose and see how useful we are to our world.

Let's do this ladies! We're strong, that's why we have dual personalities - We act like "Ladies" yet think like "Men". We're gifted, let's maximise this gift. We're all sons in God's kingdom anyway. If God can see us as equal to men then we can see ourselves that way too. Act like a Lady, Think like a Man.
God bless you. See you at every step to the top❤.
#IG @aifyspeaks❤

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