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Buhari is incompetent but Atiku is corrupt - Isah Yakubu

The time is now, Nigeria will be great is a thing for tomorrow but is what we need today should not be left unattended now. I saw some facebook post j just after the presidential primaries, every youth was a atikulating, many ported from APC to PDP not because they have found a true leader with a golden heart but because he was dispensing cash, i told myself "if he wins he will design policies that will recover those money for him.....
Read below Isah Yakubu's view on the current political trends in Nigeria.

"Don't come under the comment and be emotional, I took some time off this space to really understand the conviction underlying the under performance and poverty indices of the present Administration and the quest for restructuring but if the little continuation of projects as we see today was done consistently under the previous administration headed by PDP, we would have been better off by now.
It's long time coming, I was busy with academics work and fact finding on Twitter
My able professor @jeSuisNaija asked me to convey the below information about the new messiah to you guys.

Happy Reading
My heart was heavy as a nursing mother explained how she's been feeding her infant with a pasty meal made from sun-dried remnants of meat pie collected from eateries. She pounds the dried left overs into powder, then mix it with hot water into what looks like Golden Morn Cereal.
The situation of this woman above, typifies the living condition of over 46.7% of Nigerians according to 2018 reports on poverty. Today, Atiku claims Buhari's less than years government, that haven't earned 1/5th of what himself and OBJ squandered, is responsible for poverty.

Atiku like other Nigerians dont like debating Nigeria's problem from the point where they contributed to the problem. We start from "Buhari caused recession." Nigerians want USD at official bank rate, but when we have dollars to change to Naira we go straight to black market.
The poverty in Nigeria, Nigerians suffers from poverty and we are collectively responsible. Atiku is our chairman. It'll take the size of Syrian war, for anyone in 3yrs, to plunge Nigeria into its current extent of poverty if Atiku left behind all he carted away in 8yrs as a vice president.

As Head of National Council on Privatization (NCP), from 1999, Atiku dug Nigeria's economic grave for today's extreme poverty and unemployment. There were over 600 federal assets when Atiku's NCP started selling. He should tell us who bought what and what was left when he left.

The list Below:
Eleme Petrochemical
Daily Times
Ughelli Power
Egbin Power
NICON Insurance
Transcorp Hilton Hotel
NICON Luxury Hotel
Sunti Sugar Ltd
NetCom House
Bacita Sugar Ltd

In 2007, Onigbolo Cement operating at 500,000 tonnes per annum was sold to Dangote at N1.7Bn
To those selling Atiku, let me remind you of NGRSenate public hearing of August, 2011 which succinctly captures how Atiku through retinue of cohorts, fronts, shell companies, ring fenced over 70% of FG's assets through a brazen daylight robbery privatization that he supervised.
This is nothing sensational. Its real life facts and all the Senators are alive today. The 2011 privatization Senate committee was made up of Senator Ahmed Lawan – Chairman, Senators Babafemi Ojudu, Philip Aduda, Mohammed Ndume, Ifeanyi Okowa, Hope Uzodinma and Mohammadu Magoro.
Lets look at Aluminium Smelting Company, ALSCON, that Atiku privatized. ALSCON which Nigeria built with $3.2 billion, was sold to a Russian firm, Russal, for $130million. As of the time of sale, ALSCON had received $120million for the dredging of Imo River, but was never done.

When the Senate Seating of August,2011 asked the Russian company the whereabouts of the $120million dredging money, the company's Deputy Managing Director, Vitaly Kuzrestov, said that the money has been used for Environment Impact Assessment." EIA kii you there.
FG's Five percent share in Eleme Petrochemical worth USD27 million was never presented to at the National Council on Privatization before t'was sold to Indorama. Indorama recovered this amount selling Polyethylene and Urea to the entire west Africa sub-region in just 14 months.
The Atikulate Business Theory: Sell to yourself govt assets that leaves millions in penury, to set up personal businesses that provides for a few. Atiku didn't employee the few hundreds he employed because he likes them, he needs them to work to preserve what he took from govt.

Fam, the business acumen of Atiku you are bandying about is smelly. A man who supervised sales of over 145 federal investments as a vice president, without a thought for today wants to be president. He didnt revitalize them. He didnt "resuscitate them. He sold them to whomever.

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