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chika cynthiainterview

There are more serious things to do:I can't go on a date with Wizkid neither Davido - Chika Cynthia

I can't go on a date with Wizkid let alone Davido, i have more serious things to do than that".
Nwosu Miss Ambassador for Peace South South Nigeria. 

In an interview Queen Chika Cynthia revealed why she cannot go on a date with Davido or Wizkid.
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"I can't go on a date with Wizkid let alone Davido; there are more serious things to do" 
Chika Cynthia Nwosu Miss Ambassador for Peace South South Nigeria.

(Then find out the more serious things she can do than to go on a date with Wizkid or Davido by Miss Chika Nwosu here)

Can we meet you?

Am Queen Chika Cynthia Miss Ambassador for Peace South South Nigeria.

What do you do and how are you impacting positively to the growth of humanity in the world?

Am a student of university of Port Harcourt and am into modeling. In order to make an impact , you must first impact in your self cause people can't give what they don't have, I have been undergoing self development training from professionals in the modeling industry,from business strategic leaders and I have so far influence my environment and people I come across to acquire skills and development training cause with it , you can become a voice the world can recon with. Currently am working on a project which will help the young one's in the south south region discover their passion and talent putting it into great use. 

Between Wizkid and Davido, who will you likely to go on a date with?

They are both great personalities I truly admire for whom they are and who they  have become . going on a date, hasn't cross my mind. 

Have you been raped before and how did you manage to move on with life?

I haven't been raped before so I don't have a clue how rape victims feel but if I may advice,  they should seek proper cancelling to be able to deal with it that's my take on that. 

What does fashion means to you?

To me fashion is dressing in a creative way with the use of fabrics that brings out an unusual style. However, it is an art of expressing your inner self.

Which kind of man will you likely marry?

Good looking, God fearing,  focus and determined.

Who's your crush in Showbiz world wide?

Davido naturally I think I like him... lols

A word of advise to a youth somewhere frustrated.

My advice is we as youths will should take note on time, season and decision will make cause not working with time means not having prospect to life, not working with season means not understanding the nature of your vision finally wrong decision you make,  can cost you a life time opportunity so never make your decision under the wrong circumstances. Thank you.

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