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My Encounter with the yahoo guys, and what you should learn from my story

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I woke up this morning as usual to get to work, while still on my was i received an SMS from Union Bank Stating that " Dear Customer, kindly use one time pin 791536 to authenticate your account opening request". I have not been to Union bank for any account opening process so that alone disqualified the message, though i left it in my phone because is still got space..lol... I got to the office after like 30 to 40 minutes i saw a call from one strange number, i call it strange because i don't have that number on my contact list, i  picked the call and the guy sounded cool like one gentle man, he called my full name and i asked if i was the one, i said yeah,  i am he.
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He went ahead to say that there is a transaction that is about to take place, stating that someone wants to transfer some money to me but they need to validate the account, at first he said he was from union bank, but i told him i bank with first bank, instead of giving up he continue, after some scope lyrics, he said that i should get my ATM Card and give him the information on it, i said ok like his Jazz has hypnotized me, he said i should tell him my card's expiring date, i told him January 2017, he said i should check again i said February 2018, he headed for my card number thinking he has won my heart, i did not just want to waste his time and the little credit he got and also for the fact i got some work to do i told him guy lock up, all this trick no fit work for my head, you should go get a job. then the bank worker dropped the call on me.
That is my story, learn from it.

These guys these guys known as yahoo yahoo guys are up and ready to wipe your account to the last kobo. Don't be careless with your ATM card.

What you should know.
1. first of all they message i got stating that it was from union bank was not from union bank per se, cos anyone can use a bulk SMS service to send you a message with a custom heading.
2. No bank representative will call and ask for your card number, expiring date and CVV code, so wise up.
3. No amount of money to be transferred to your account requires any form of validation.
4. Be friendly but not with your ATM card.
Always wear the full armour of God for some of them use charms to get you to do things even against your will.

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