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2013's Best Twitter Rants And Feuds:

From Justin Bieber To
Kanye And Lorde
Gil Kaufman
December 17, 2013 Twitter was basically invented as the place to say anything that's on your mind the second you think it, without much second- guessing. Which is why it once again provided us with some of
the most cringe-worthy and shocking moments of the year, with everything from artists announcing they were quitting the business, raging against the endless rumors about them, making rude comments about other singer's looks and firing rounds at late night talk show hosts for making fun of them.Yes, from Kanye and Kimmel to Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Lorde, Rihanna and Tyler, the Creator, 2013 was jam packed with
outrageous statements, feuds started, quashed and re-started 140 characters at a time.A look as some of the
year's best Twitter wars and rants: Leave Justin Bieber Alone JB made a lot of headlines for is extracurricular activities on his worldwide tour, but before all that he was begging fans to not believe all the "rumors, rumors and more rumors about him." rumors rumors and more rumors. nothing more nothing less. might talk about them 1 day. rt now im just gonna be positive. cant bring me down — Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) March 6, 2013 Yeezus And Kimmel Hug It Out Yes, Kanye West spent much of this year ranting against just about everyone in sight, but when it came to Twitter battles, his shotgun was aimed quarely at lat night talker Jimmy Kimmel, whose sense of humor he DID NOT SHARE!!!! But, of course,
Ye's all caps flames have been removed, but let's just say before he made up he did not think Kimmel was handsome, or funny. Jay To Billboard , Vamoose When Billboard magazine refused to accept the one million in pre- sales Jigga moved thanks to a pioneering Samsung deal, Jay deemed the music industry bible "irrelevant." If 1 Million records gets SOLD and billboard doesnt report it, did it happen? Ha. newrules
#magnacartaholygrail Platinum!!! VII IV XIII — Mr. Carter (@S_C_)
June 17, 2013Chris Brown Has Had It. It's an understatement to say Breezy had a tough year. With multiple probation revocations, a stint in jail following a fight in Washington and accusations that he did not properly complete his community service, Brown said, in a since-deleted August tweet, that he'd had enough, claiming the negativity would make him
quit the biz. Lady Gaga Disses Herself Promoting her R. Kelly collabo, "Do What U Want," Gaga poked
fun at herself with a series of tweets about her weight, drug addictions and Madonna comparisons.
LADY GAGA IS FAT NOW! #DoWhatUWantWithMyBody pic.twitter.com/ty43LrM8kz — Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) October 20, 2013 LADY GAGA IS A REDUCTIVE MADONNA COPY! SHE'S OVER
NOW! #WriteWhatUWant #SayWhatUWantBoutMe #ImNotSorry pic.twitter.com/ vuSRxwrpXS — Lady Gaga (@ladygaga)
October 20, 2013 LADY GAGA IS ON DRUGS! HERCAREER IS OVER! (been an addict for 10years) #WriteWhatUWant My recovery is a daily battle pic.twitter.com/EXHxuDcT1b — Lady Gaga (@ladygaga)
October 20, 2013 Gaga Disses Perez Former pals Gaga and Perez continued their spat this year, with things getting really ugly when Hilton made fun of her single, "Applause" and Mother Monster accused the online
gossip king of stalking her in a since deleted tweet. "STAY AWAY FROM ME + MY FAMILY YOU ARE SICK TRYING TO RENT AN APARTMENT IN MY BUILDING TO STALK ME," she wrote. "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" Hilton denied the claims. Rihanna The Bully? Rapper Teyana Taylor didn't
appreciate Rih Rih making fun of her version of Anita Baker's "Caught Up In The Rapture," which set off an r-rated back- and-forth that, like all great celebrity Twitter beefs, has not been deleted. But not before Taylor called Rihanna a "cyber bully."Rihanna also exchanged fire with Ciara, asking why the singer kept mentioning her. "Why am I still the main topic of her interviews?" tweeted Rihanna, who has been going at it with Ciara since 2011. Somebody please point her in the right direction, cuz she clearly needs love and affection..:)— Ciara (@ciara) April 16,2013Earl Sweatshirt Not Feeling Jigga Like his fellow Odd Future band mates, Earl is not one to hold his tongue when he doesn't like something. Even if that something is Jay Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail album. Earl asked fans to unfollow him if they dug Holy Grail , then told MTV he f---ing loves Jigga, just not the album. hahaha FATHER FORGIVE ME FOR I HAVE TAKEN THE NAME OF OUR HOLY SAVIOR JAY Z IN VAIN — DORIS UNSTOPPABLE
(@earlxsweat) July 11, 2013Chief Keef/Katy Perry Brawl Spirals Out Of Control After pop good gal Perry said the title of Keef's song "I Hate Being Sober" made her have "serious doubt for the world," the Chicago
MC asked her to do something that we can't repeat at the dinner table.
Mr. Keef! I'm sorry if I offended you. I heard a lot of people guesting on the song & didn't even know it was you in particular. Actually... — Katy Perry (@katyperry) May 24, 2013 Gucci Mane Vs. Everybody
Gucci went on a wild Twitter takedownin September, bashing everyone from Rocko to Nicki Minaj, T.I.'s wife Tiny, Tyga, Ciara, Young Jeezy and executives at his former label. His targets didn't take it in stride, with a number hitting back and former friend Waka Flocka Flame vowing to never work with Gucci again. Miley and Sinead Trade Letters Because she knows how mean the music industry can be, Sinead O'Connor thought she was doing Miley a favor by warning her about being taken advantage of in an open letter. Miley shot back with a tweet that appeared to mock Sinead, which led to ... four more open letters. Before Amanda Bynes.... There was....pic.twitter.com/6JZPVnunPc— Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus)
October 3, 2013
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