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The Best Instagram Accounts Of

Rihanna To National Geographic:

Instagram now has more than
150 million monthly active users!
Which means that there are
effectively, like, 148 million — if
we're being generous — really
underwhelming accounts on the
photosharing service. Among the
chaff, however, there are seas of
golden wheat — and by wheat we
mean Instagram accounts
manned by un-boring famous
people and amazing artists and
photographers.As we head into
the holiday season — in which
our feeds will undoubtedly be
flooded with snaps of blurry
holiday cheer and pre-NYE
breakdown selfies — MTV News
sorted through the morass to find
our favorite Instas of 2013. Hit
"follow" on the below and let
these accounts be your guiding
star into the New Year. Tyler, The
If you think Tyler's music videos
are trippy, you obviously have yet
to check out his Instagram.
Creepy dolls, weirdo illustrations
and selfies galore — click "follow"
post haste. Rihanna
When it comes to Instagram, Ri
can do whatever she wants —
except for cuddle a Slow Loris ,
perhaps. Miley Cyrus
You'd think that we'd be sick of
Miley by now, seeing as how
she's been everywhere this year.
And you would think wrong.
Copious snaps of her pups — and
other chicanery — keep Cyrus as
fresh as that "Wrecking Ball" jam
that everyone keeps talking
about. Mr. Pimp Good Game
There's something soothing
about Benny Winfield Jr.'s
Instagram. Something that helps
us navigate — with aplomb —
this rapidly changing world. We
wonder what it could
be... Macklemore
Macklemore, he's just like us! In
that he's game to take a selfies
His collection puts even our
wildest dreams to absolute
shame. Satiregram
Most people on Instagram are
boring, unoriginal hacks. Look at
my nails! Check out this delicious
food that I am currently ingesting!
Puppy! Baby! Blah, blah, blah.
Satiregram is the perfect answer
to Insta-malaise, as it lampoons
such snaps by spelling out just
how stupid they are —
literally. Rachel Ryle
When Instagram video launched
this summer, it made it possible
for millions of people around the
world to create boring videos of
their cats gamboling about
rumpled beds. It also made it
possible for amazing animators
like Rachel Ryle to do some
pretty freaking amazing stuff, like
the seasonal vid above. Action
Most people should not be
allowed to take pictures of food
because they are bad at it. Why?
Because most people who
purport to be "foodies" are just
people who like to eat — which is
everyone. And everyone is not
talented.Action Bronson's
rampant foodsnapping, however,
is exempt from our ire because,
1. He has a show about food with
Vice, 2. He is not bad at taking
pictures of food. Chow down and
carry on, dude.

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