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Data breach 40 million credit cards affected

If you have shopped
something during the
Black Friday weekend from
Target's U.S based Retailer
stores, then please pay
serious attention - Your
Credit and Debit card
account may have been at
There are more than 1,500
Target stores throughout
the U.S and 40 Million
credit and debit card
accounts of Target's
customers may have been
stolen during the height of
the holiday shopping
season, according to a
statement published by the
So the customers who
made purchases by
swiping their cards at
terminals in its
U.S. Stores between
November 27 and
December 15 may have
been exposed. Krebs who
broke the story reports
that the breach does not
impact shoppers who
purchased items online.
Target has not disclosed
exactly how the data
breach occurred, but said
that they have fixed the
issue and credit card
account holders can
continue shopping at their
stores. Sources told Krebs
that the breach could be
among the largest retail
breaches in U.S. History.
The US Secret Service is
also investigating the
breach, according to the
Wall Street Journal . Target
officials said customer who
suspect unauthorized
activity should contact
Target at: 866-852-8680.

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