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things you should quit saying

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If you haven’t seen it, I’ll describe
it for you. In a now viral video,
writer Marina Shifrin turns the
camera on herself at the office
around 4:30 a.m. She then
proceeds to dance herself out of a
job. Throughout the video, words
splash across the screen
explaining her reasons, then at the
end we read, “I quit.” Then one
more time in caps for good
measure, “I QUIT!”
You know what I thought about as
I watched the video? I wish more
people did this.
We humans (that means me
included) often get stuck in a
hamster wheel of habit. We do
things that aren’t good for us,
remain where we shouldn’t and
put ourselves through voluntary
suffering all in the name of
comfort. We don’t know these
things are damaging, because it’s
normal to us.
But a rare few, like Marina, snap
out of it and quit before it’s too
late. Here are six things you
should quit doing today, before
it’s too late.

Quit Stopping – I’ve completed
six half marathons (13.1 miles)
over the past few years and each
one has been an emotional
experience for me.

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