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[cLOUDig] Meet the 11-year-old boy who neither have arms nor legs but plays PlayStation


AN 11-year-old boy has learnt to write and play PlayStation even though he was born without arms and legs.Tiyo Satrio, from Penawangan village, West Java, Indonesia, refuses to let his condition affect him.Although he needs help to get dressed and move around, he is so good at writing with a pen in his mouth he has kept up with classmates.

Tiyo’s mother Mimi had no idea her son had no limbs throughout her pregnancy.Even when he was born, she wasn’t immediately told about his condition. “The midwife said everything was normal,” Mimi recalled. “She said, he’s good, normal, healthy.
“I gave birth in the middle of the night and was told the next afternoon.”
Initially she was shocked, but Mimi quickly realised she had no choice but to cope with the situation.

“I was surprised. I thought he would be normal like my other children then I have the youngest in that condition,” she said.

“Now I feel fine, just normal about it and accepting.”Mimi and her husband Wawan view caring for Tiyo as a full-time job.

They have four grown-up children, but they all live in other areas so can't pitch in.

Although Tiyo has worked hard to be able to do a lot of things - like playing computer games and unwrapping sweets with his mouth - he still needs help with washing and getting dressed.

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