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Once upon a time in a country there was this Big-Tall tree in the middle of the city, its fruits are good and very attractive, you could be loved by having its fruits and hated for not.

Many people, young and small wants to climb and plug fruits from that mighty tree, while those on top keep eating its fruits and are still never satisfied, Others are so foolish not to plan on how to get there because they are carried away and end up falling to the ground while some are so wise to plan there’s and end up succeeding. Some Make ladders and stick it to the branches and make others to hold while they climb, getting there so easy. Others are roundabout fear so they remain underneath that big tree to feed from the crumbs that fall, because they are afraid of heights, they seem satisfied with the little but cry in silence. Some stay up just to hinder others from climbing, controlling what they eat and have. But who among these people do you wish to be? Then choose a strategy to climb up this big tree.


Anyone can make money online just like the popular Nigerian blogger linda ikeji who recently bought a house, in Banana island in Lagos, estimated to worth N850m, or even the Naira land boss who owns the number 1 forum in Nigeria with millions of users.

It sounds so easy, you just create an online platform and start making millions right? Well its not.

There are millions of search queries on how to make money online but I’m sure that not more than 40% get the expected result on making how to make online money. Most writers who are in one way or the other business men and women, will only teach you how to do their business for them, you make pennies while they get lion shares of your labour, is that fair?

Marketers won’t tell you what you really need to do independent of their products to make money online, because everyone is afraid of what you will become. Though most do so to advertise their products, and so they preach to channel your mind to success, in marketing their products, they keep you in the dark to keep making cool cash. Others scam people to make money online be careful. The question here is, How can you make it despite all these?

You must have heard about people spend a lot of time online and still gain nothing, just because they keep rocking other people ideas or keep doing exactly other people did sometimes ago.

Let us then get into the real deal of online money making but first delete the thought of “Easy money making” is a lazy man’s thought.

Like Zaman said “Building an online business requires a holistic approach”:

You will have to get an online biz that you will dedicate your time and money to build it, as I said delete the easy money making mentality.


“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind” (Winston Churchill)

So visionary Persons have empires in their brains, they don’t just leave to stay up there in their brains, they start by building them now not later.

To every invention there is an intention. You have to think of something (have an Idea) and develop it. In getting your idea to the realism platform, make sure you make research on if your idea is in use, if yes then ask yourself what can I add to the already existing idea to make mine different from the existing one? If No then, will be welcome by my audience? If yes you move on, but if No, then you ask yourself then what change will make it acceptable to my audience?

I guess you have heard and possibly have accounts with NairaLand, Facebook, Twitter, Google etc and these are people’s idea which they started sometimes ago, and today they are making it big time, before google there was Yahoo, but now tell me which is the leading site between the both of them?

Because of the broad idea behind google, yahoo was overthrown just in a short while. Many people when they start making little cash at some point at their peak they start to feel satisfied and they stop building on, they end up falling. We are in a competitive world so keep on racing.

While nursing an idea and planning on building it, make sure you love what you are about getting yourself involved into, don’t just for love money you end up doing what will bring you regret.


1. Do I know what I want to do?
2. Why do I want to do it?
3. Are the appropriate resources to achieve it available? If no Where can I get them?
After answering these questions, be sure to having a better focus.


Know this “You can’t please all people”.

It is true not all people will love what you do for real, Friends or family, don’t be mad it’s normal but keep the flames up going, the right people are always there for you, no matter how little they might be at start, value them and make sure you gain their trust and they will be your ambassadors to the rest of the world.

Success in life depends upon the support and help you get from other people, no one makes it alone, so work to building benign relationship with your audience.

When I started cLOUDig I had many setbacks, ranging from friends, family, my girlfriend told me that “You are now married to cLOUDig”, it nearly weight me out you know, but I stand here to tell you that I’m very glad that I did not back off on cLOUDig during those times that it needed me most, because I’ve supported people, traveled to places, gain a kind of recognition, and I’m getting paid because of cLOUDig, so it worth it.

When you tell your audience that you will do THIS, please do it, don’t do the opposite, because when trust is bridged in this competitive world it is hard to get it back, so make sure you can fulfill a promise before you make one.


One of the surest way of greatness is a humble spirit (anon), and one sure way of earning online is patience.

Must people when they see other felas who made it in the business, they assume its an easy journey, so when they start and their expectation is not reached in a short while, they become frustrated, be patient. Even the popular bloggers in Nigeria and the world at large have their back stage footage, is not easy just be patient.

Since the genesis of the internet there has never been growth in the internet like now, think of how the internet was back in the 1990s, 2000s and compare it to today’s internet, there are thousands or even millions of blogs and websites, and there are also millions of people with good ideas seeking audience, just as you are. So strategize your moves and be patient, sure you might eat the fattest bone, but I’m not saying that to dogs……. Lol


There are many shows running here and there, seek to feature in some shows, tell them I will promote the show on my platform and when agreement is set, partnership can reached.

Run promotions and let the persons or organization in question, do the work of sharing your URL, they will reach the audience that you have not reached in months, even for years.

Link with other bloggers, exchange ideas on how to do it better set goals and race on achieving them.

Money is not in countries is in people, so no one is an island, make the reach and poor your friends.

No matter how small a gathering is, don’t hesitate to attend if it’ll favour you. No matter how small a person is, don’t hesitate to advertise yourself, and no matter how small a company is do not fail to join them in that journey and be part of their success story. Welcome comments and contributions. Speak to people about your new developments and hear their response, but be very sensitive to know if it comes from their heart.


Some blogs just publish anything just to get traffic but that is very bad, you might loose the right persons who will wish to patronize you.

While making post be careful not to copy or even if you do never forget to reference the source or else you might end up paying huge amount of cash in court (Plagiarism).

Post things that are relevant and that will keep your audience coming back for more. Check regularly what’s trending and write or make post that relate to the trending topics, there will be a time in your blogging life that you will make things trend, but until then dance to this tune.


It has become a habit for some of us, when you receive your pay, you spend it immediately, it is believe that when you work and get paid, is called wages, and when you use that money to invest and it produces fruits, its called gain, don’t just spend your wages, spend the profit, learn how to set priorities. Invest your money in what you do.

You can write nice post, include your site URL and sponsor them on other sites, pay to advertise your programs on other platforms.
The essence of having money is to multiply it so don’t just spend it.


For a newbie in the game of blogging you need someone to mentor you on How to run your blog, what to expect, how to get traffic coming to your blog. Better still you can follow up another good blogger, Notice what he or she does, how he or she does them, and how he or she constructively make post, then build on. Make google your friend, ask it anything you wish to know, I’m sure he is able and capable to answer your questions, if asked rightly.


There are many host for blogs, google which is blogger runs with a .blogspot extention, semalt, wordpress etc. choose one for yourself.
The sure way ever for a starter is google blogger platform cause its free forever no matter what, but others you will end up paying for it in the long run.


For you to start earning using adsense your site should have been up and running for not less than 6 months.
At least have a handful of traffic.
Your site content should be relevant, not just a copy paste platform.


Two Eskimos are sitting on chairs with their lines and hooks to fish, one was seating near a hole as small as the size of a man hole and the other made a hole as the size of a whale.

“You are the one to create this opportunities for yourself, just think it right and be sure you will reach the heights” (Indiya Jnr).

Be prayerful, “true success comes from God alone” (Indiya Jnr).

You should aspire, dream big. Think Big and Be your own Boss.


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