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The disease killing the up coming entertainers(Musicians)

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The entertainment industry in Nigeria is like the only haven to many, and so many called and uncalled, talented and untalented strives so hard to get there, too many even make sure they change routes to enter through its gate. Is never a bad thing to think big but why is the entertainment industry a place so big, that many see as the only source that generate quick income or make them famous?
I recently thought of why, I then gave my self an answer after observing people around me that are looking forward to being the next Davido, Olamide, Ice Prince, GospelOnTheBeat etc, I have at least learnt a little that has given me the confidence to write on this.

There are many reasons that many have written or will write on, but mine I think is the master of them all, That’s Mr “PRIDE” and so sad enough that some don’t know that is what thwarting their growth.
Image result wey dey for pride of an  upcoming entertainer
Fortunately I have many friends in the industry that are really doing well but just this pride makes them children that thinks they don’t need a father since their faces gat beards…lol..
The Pride of “I want to do it all alone”, im a producer, im a writer, im a blogger, im a PR Manager, im a singer, im a director, im the camera man, im a decorator and a makeup artist, seriously how can one man take up these great tasks and expect him of her to do well in all of them, like Gospel On The beat said “Not all are called to sing”, some are called to be producers some are called to be directors and so on, just know what you are good at then BINGO. Pride has eaten every heart that no one wants to be under somebody even when growing up, so sad, pride has filled the hearts of the upcoms, that they see nothing but a mirror of some greater personality than their true selves.

The pride of “ im the best” so they should find me, I over heard someone say one of Naija popular song of 2014 does not meet up to the standard of  his song, his beat are one in town, in the whole of the town he is the only guy with the right swag and thinking about music others are kids, I humbly  requested for his song and guess what, as he said his song need improvement, cause “I cant categorically tell you that” his songs are not good because he is an upcoming, but the ish here is that he hasn’t recognized that he needs improvement because he is the best. So how can such upcoms climb that ladder with such load upon him?

The pride of “I’m a celebrity” so no be everybody go get to see me, be my friend on facebook or get my contact even: many forget that what gives them popularity is their fans, I don’t know if some of these upcoms have not heard songs sang by various artist thanking their fans, but yet these guys run away from friends and well wishers because they are self made celebrities bathing in pride, I have a celebrity like that when he post on facebook even 1 like he doesn’t get talk more of a comment, and so sad that he only talks of enemies all the time, chasing his shadow and screaming at the same time. Some don’t value friends because they feel like the next kings to be worshiped, a guy was busy changing number because his friends had the number, but after a while he will seek to make contacts with some on issues that will help him, so everyone is important, rich or poor, mighty or small all have a quota to contribute in one way or the other in our journey through life, some come as a lesson while some as a blessing but all makes us that man that we are.

The pride of “I don’t go for small shows” and you must pay: anyone seeking audience must first of all recognize himself or herself with the audience. Many because of pride will hesitate to go for a birthday party of a friend and perform a song because he only performs on stage with 2baba, so he day dreams forgetting that a journey of life has a starting point, and each step you take leads you to the destination.

Invite them for a show around the hood, they will require you to pay money that is more than the money you use to engineer the program; they forget to eat the little food they are offered while looking forward to the bigger one. It has become like a norm in the industry for my upcoms, because I cant talk much of the ones already at their peack, cos I will have no proof of my observations.
The wise will stay calm and keep on growing, fight pride and see how the sky will the starting point.

Just sharing my views, but what do you think? let's hear you.

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